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before focusing on one’s own needs. A servant leader is someone who always serves others before they serve themselves.

Founded by James L. Davis in 2001, Leadership Development International (LDI) is a non-profit organization that inspires, educates and equips servant leaders through conferences, consulting and online education.

We believe servant leadership is the key to changing our current culture for the better. In business, church and political environments, people are looking for leaders they can look up to, who lead by first serving, who care about people – not just the financial bottom line – and who understand the importance of leading with integrity.

Here at LDI, our work is about more than goals and philosophies, it is about what we do to create positive change in our world. Our five objectives are:

  • to promote a deeper understanding of servant leadership
  • to serve as a global network for all those who practice, study and teach servant leadership
  • to encourage the work of leadership scholars, educators and practitioners
  • to provide leadership consulting for churches, corporations and educational institutions
  • to ignite the flame of servant leadership through inspiring conferences and workshops